10% Cash Back

No coupons. No points. No hassle.

Earn 10% cash back in seconds at Toronto bars and restaurants when you pay with your normal credit card during an offer.

LAUNCH PROMO – 10% cash back during offer periods & 1% cash back all other times!

How it works

Use Card & Earn

Pay with your normal credit card during an offer and earn 10% cash back

Redeem for Cash

Redeem cash rewards via Interac e-Transfer - forget gift cards or points

Give to Friends

Feeling generous? Give some of your rewards to friends right in the app

Where are we?

We’re launching in Toronto

Let us know if you’d like us to come to your city

Why do we need your card?

We need your card so that we can reward you 10% cash back when you’ve made a purchase during an offer period (shown in app).

We CANNOT charge your card.

We ONLY see transactions linked to a reward.

We DO NOT see any other purchases you make.

We DO NOT see any purchase details.

We DO NOT sell your data.

Bank Level Security

SSL Encryption

We’re secured with 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is protected

Data Safeguards

Card information is tokenized and vaulted – we can’t make any purchases

Account Authentication

We use Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent any unauthorized access


We do not see any transactions that are not linked to a reward

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